1 minute understanding of the role of roots blower in sewage treatment

2023-02-06 18:30:38

As we all know, Roots blower has always played a great role in sewage treatment. I have always wanted to write an article about this kind of knowledge, but my work has been put on hold. Over the years, many friends suggested that we popularize Roots blowers in sewage treatment. As an old brand enterprise with many years of experience in blower research and development, we have the responsibility and obligation to popularize relevant knowledge for everyone.

1、 What is the role of blower in sewage treatment?

In the sewage treatment system, the blower is mainly used to provide air to the biochemical system and dissolved oxygen required by the activated sludge microorganism to ensure the oxygen demand in the microbial metabolism process.


2、 Application link in sewage treatment

It is mainly used in aeration tanks, and also required in some biochemical treatment sections.

3、 Pay attention to the following points when selecting a model:

1. Requirements of sewage treatment industry for fans.

Generally speaking, it is divided into two categories. The first type is volumetric blower with flow characteristics, such as roots blower, rotary vane blower, etc; The other type is blowers with pressure characteristics, such as vortex blowers, centrifugal blowers, etc. Select the appropriate type according to the different performance requirements of the processing system.

2. The selected fan must have low energy consumption.

Since the energy consumption of the blower accounts for about half of the total energy consumption of water treatment, the blower with lower energy consumption should be selected as far as possible.


Understand Roots blower

3. Low noise.

The essence of sewage treatment is to protect the environment. Therefore, secondary pollution should not occur or should be avoided as far as possible during the treatment process. Therefore, the equipment selected in the sewage treatment system should have low noise performance.

4. Price.

In addition to various performances, price is also a major limiting factor in the selection of equipment, which mainly depends on the project budget.


4、 What I think is insufficient

The commonly used blowers in the market are mainly suspension blowers and roots blowers. The suspension blowers basically meet the requirements of low energy consumption and low noise, but the price is high; The price of Roots blower is far lower than that of suspension blower, but its energy consumption and noise are still improved compared with suspension blower.


This article is organized in the hope that you can quickly understand the role of Roots blower in sewage treatment. If it is helpful to you, please forward it for more people to see. It can not only let everyone understand the comprehensive knowledge in a very short time, but also make a small contribution to environmental protection!