Advantages of Roots blower for breeding industry

2021-06-18 19:01:03

          Roots blowers are now more and more widely used and penetrated into various industries. Aquaculture and fish farming use Roots blowers to increase oxygen and increase fish production. Today, fan manufacturers have summarized the following five characteristics of the advantages of using Roots blowers for aquaculture, and hope it will be helpful to your scientific breeding.



1. Roots blower is a bubble generated by ultra-fine hole aeration. The contact surface with water in the water body is very large and the contact time is long, so the oxygen transfer efficiency is extremely high.

2. Roots blower adopts microporous aeration and oxygenation device, which has extremely high oxygen transfer efficiency, and the dissolved oxygen per unit of water can quickly reach about 4.5mg/L, which can greatly save the electricity cost of farmers.

3. Roots blower underwater microporous aeration tube microbubbles rise slowly. The curved channel with tiny openings in the tube wall is a micro-permeable tube of air. The speed is slow and the resistance is small. The holes are dense. There is almost no sound on the surface of the water and does not interfere with the fish. The normal activities of shrimp and crabs. Probiotics are in a floating state, and the biochemical reaction with humus is thorough. Compared with gas rock and aerator, the oxygen contact area of the aeration tube is large, the bubble surface area is very large, the vapor-liquid contact surface coefficient is large, the bubble rise speed is slow, the atomization effect is high, and the dissolution and oxidation effect is very significant.

Fourth, the safety performance is good, and it will not cause any pollution to the water body. The other way to increase oxygen is to work in the water, which is easy to leak electricity and is potentially harmful to the human body and shrimp.

5. Convenient maintenance: Roots blower is light in weight, durable and easy to maintain.