What are the applications of Tri-Lobe Roots Blower in gas transportation?

2021-07-17 11:40:08

  The Tri-Lobe Roots Blower is a double-impeller synchronous compression machine. Each three-blade rotor is supported by two bearings. A pair of synchronous gears are used to keep the relative position of the two rotors constant. It is a positive displacement blower with the characteristics of forced air delivery. As a rotary machine, the Tri-Lobe Roots Blower has relatively stable working characteristics. There are tiny gaps between the rotor and the rotor, the rotor and the pump body, and the rotor and the side cover of the Tri-Lobe Roots Blower, so there is no friction in the working cavity. In contact with the wear part, there are six suction and exhaust processes in a week, and the volumetric efficiency is high. The structure is simple, easy to use and maintain, does not require internal lubrication, and the conveyed medium does not contain oil. The support of the pump rotor adopts a reliable anti-backlash structure, the rotating parts are carefully balanced, and high-precision helical gears are used. Therefore, the operation is stable, the noise is low, the use is more reliable, and it can run for a long time under high pressure difference.

  The pressure signal measured by the pressure sensor installed on the gas pipe before the three-bladed Roots blower controls the output frequency of the frequency converter so that the motor speed changes with the pressure of the gas collector. Because the shaft power is proportional to the cube of the rotational speed, and the output of the active power decreases in the cube, the energy consumption of the motor is greatly reduced, and the degree of automation of the gas transportation link is improved.

  The inverter can work in two states: automatic (that is, the output frequency is adjusted by the pressure signal) and manual (the working frequency is set manually), and it has the mutual switching function between the auto-decompression start and the start of the inverter. One of the working methods can be manually switched to another working method when it is overhauled or malfunctioning, without affecting normal production.

  To purchase a fan silencer, the user should submit the fan type (sub-blower, ventilator, Roots fan, axial fan, etc.), and provide the fan inlet and outlet size and air volume. Generally, fan silencers are installed at the outlet. It should be comprehensively managed, that is, the muffler should be installed with colleagues in the sound insulation room.

  The outer casing of the fan muffler is made of carbon steel, and the internal material is divided into aluminum plate and stainless steel. The user can choose according to the cost. For the purchase of a muffler for boiler steam discharge, the user should provide the hourly discharge amount, exhaust steam outlet size, exhaust steam temperature and pressure. The exhaust muffler generally chooses a spray-resistance composite muffler. The muffler is generally made of carbon steel, and the pipe and internal materials are stainless steel. It has a wide range of muffler frequencies, a wide range of applications, large sound attenuation, high temperature and pressure resistance, and is not afraid of water vapor and oil. Fog and other advantages. Small hole injection type muffler can also be used, generally made of all stainless steel.

  The air inlet cavity and the air outlet cavity are isolated from each other. With the help of the two rotors rotating in opposite directions, the gas in the body is sent from the air inlet cavity to the exhaust cavity to achieve the effect of blowing. Because there are very small gaps between the impeller, the impeller and the casing, and the impeller and the wallboard, there is no need to inject lubricating oil into the cylinder during operation, and no auxiliary equipment of oil and gas separator is needed. Because there is no mechanical friction between the rotors, it has the advantages of high mechanical efficiency, less overall heat generation, and long service life. The three-lobe Roots blower is a relatively precise device. In normal maintenance, attention should be paid to the cleaning and replacement of the inlet filter. The indoor air is clean and unobstructed, and the lubrication should be ensured.