How to choose the suitable oxidation roots blower manufacturer for Greentech

2020-12-22 22:21:22

Now, when you purchase blower, you need to choose products that can make you feel at ease, and at the same time, products with reasonable prices can be. After purchasing, the service life of Roots blower is very short. We have seen a lot of customers like this. The following editor will introduce how to select the most suitable aerated roots blower, and what standards are there for selecting oxygen enriched roots blower?

   1. Entity manufacturer

   this is a very important point. We once received a customer who was also engaged in aquaculture. The roots blower used at that time broke down and was in urgent need. The Department asked the Department to pay close attention to the purchase. This is the reason. The customer did not make any identification, so he found an intermediary, and the customer did not know it. He always thought it was the manufacturer's direct sales. After the fan was purchased back, it had been running for about half a year, and there were serious quality problems, such as serious impeller wear, poor exhaust, insufficient pressure, etc. at this time, the "manufacturer" was looking for help. The "manufacturer" did not solve the corresponding problems in time on the pretext of insufficient personnel, which led to the customer looking for the repair manufacturer again.

   summary: when we purchase, in order to ensure our after-sales service, we must choose the manufacturer direct sales, and choose the manufacturer with good after-sales reputation. It is better to let the manufacturer provide some corresponding processing video.

   2. Understand the authenticity of manufacturers

   the most worrying thing about online purchasing is the authenticity of manufacturers. In order to test the authenticity of manufacturers, we can ask manufacturers to provide some product cases. It's better for us to provide some product cases. It's better to have them in our local area, but not in the same province. We can be more assured in purchasing.

Understand the price system and service system of manufacturers

   when we purchase aerated roots blower, we not only look at the price, but also look at the service system of the manufacturer. A good product is not only reflected in price, quality, but also in service. The service is not in place, generally reflected in: whether the production is timely, whether the delivery is timely, whether the business tracking is timely, whether the customer can be informed to pick up the goods in time, as well as after-sales installation and debugging.